5 Steps to Optimizing Your Pilot Program

5 Steps to Optimizing Your Pilot Program | Infinity

In today’s marketplace every board room is looking for more sales and market share to drive increased revenue for their company through existing and new customers with their products and services.

The chances are high you are constantly tweaking your sales campaigns or even implementing wholesale “change strategies” whether they are driven by an inside sales team or by an outsourced sales partner. Whether you are launching a brand new product to the market, a newly designed product to add to your suite, or you’re just not getting what you want from your current sales outsourcer, how you approach the sales process and what methodology you use to create that process is paramount.

The days of telemarketing with a script, a purchased list and some lightly trained representative have long gone by the wayside. Sales strategies and tactics today, are based on a multitude of critical factors that are analyzed every step of the way to achieve success. Each factor is important, but integrating these pieces into a process and methodology that yields repeatable success is the key to developing a scalable and stable sales base no matter what the market, audience or product. This truly represents the art and science of sales and overall success with customer engagement.  Whether you develop this in-house or relying on a partnership with an outsource agency, it’s not easy, and the right skill set along with years of experience increases your odds of sustainable growth.

At Infinity, through years of experience and refinement, we’ve developed Buyerlytics™ our proprietary methodology that integrates all of the critical factors for sustainable success. Buyerlytics™, coupled with Infinity’s Pilot Methodology, not only achieves your sales goals, but exceeds them to produce superior results in your sales and or service campaigns. After all, isn’t that what you ultimately want to drive!

5 Steps to Optimizing Your Pilot Program

5 Steps to Optimizing Your Sales Pilot Program

While each solution is unique for your particular Pilot Program, our methodology for the design and implementation of all pilot programs involves 5 purposeful steps – that include:

  • Assessment
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Scaling

Now let’s elaborate on each of these important steps and let’s get started on your Pilot Program:

1. Assessment

The first step is the assessment of your program needs is a complete review of your requirements.  This step is important because it creates goals that we can clearly understand and also aids in the development of your company’s opportunities.  A few common paths in the assessment phase include:

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Pre-analysis of Data Files
  • Segmentation Strategies
  • And Any Data Enhancements

2. Design

Next is the design phase which is naturally based on the assessment.  The actionable data is then taken from the assessment phase and is used to develop targeted campaigns based on your needs and the research findings.  This provides the groundwork to develop:

  • Technical Specifications
  • Workforce Selection
  • Training Curriculums
  • Quality Parameters
  • Campaign Development
  • A/B Segmenting
  • Offer Testing
  • And the ROI to Excel.

3. Implementation

Logically the next step is the actual implementation phase which includes the launch of your program.  The implementation step requires that all subject matter experts be on board and ready to roll-out the unique components of your specific sales campaign. Our experts come from areas such as:

  • Client Services
  • Data, Analytics and Technology
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Training & Development
  • Quality
  • Sales Agency

Additionally, it is critical to map out the implementation phase in a living document that can be shared, updated and used by all parties throughout the lifecycle of the pilot program.  This document will serve as the mutual outline for all processes and procedures related to the success of the program and should track open items, owners, and due dates. This is done to ensure all are staying within the implementation timetable.  This type of guided handbook goes a long way to ensure a flawless execution and a positive experience for all.  Now you are ready for launch!

Launch day is here and all the above is ready for that flawless execution.  During the launch and throughout the pilot program, there is a high level of continuous, consultative, and collaborative effort to get a jump on the performance criteria outlined in the assessment, define and implementation phases.  The pilot program performance it constantly monitored and benchmarked by agreed upon criteria.  It’s imperative that ongoing analytics are occurring throughout the pilot program and used to implement incremental changes; such as creating new and different offers, further segmentation, and to fully understand all the facets of what’s working and what’s not during the sale.

4. Evaluation

The evaluation of your pilot program should be shared with you continuously in a series of meetings that occur hourly, daily, weekly and monthly with scorecards, reporting, monitoring, roundtables, and discussions with an informal and formal review of the campaign.  Being in the loop constantly builds the long term relationship you should have with your sales Outsourcer. At Infinity, we’ve built strong ongoing partnerships with our clients over many years. Hopefully, if you are building this in an inside model you’ve dedicated enough resources to maintain daily control.

5. Scaling

Last is scaling your program, because let’s face it – the pilot program is just the beginning to this exciting, successful road.  The pilot program will help you achieve your targeted ROI and meet or exceed your targets. Ultimately, the goal is to create a revenue stream for the long haul.  The analysis that started in the initial phase that turns into actionable steps, can be used to drive even bigger results for the future.

Creating and maintaining successful sales and customer engagement programs that our optimized to produce the best results requires uncompromising dedication to all phases of the Buyerlytics process. A key question for any organization that is looking to build vs outsource needs to ask the critical question of “do I have these capabilities in-house?” If not, then looking for an organization like Infinity that has built its reputation on working with some of America’s most successful brands over the years should be in your mindset to consider.

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