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Innovator and Influencer of the Year

How Infinity Became the Recognized Inside Sales Leader On April 20, the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals named Infinity Innovator of the Year and one of the Top 25 Influencers of the Year. During the award presentation, AA-ISP Founder and Chair Bob Perkins quoted a third-party that nominated Infinity for the awards, saying that […]

Infinity Presents at the AA-ISP Leadership Summit Chicago April 18th-20th

CEO Thomas R. Leidigh Shares Strategizes on Revolutionizing Sales for Growth Infinity CEO Tom Leidigh will present on how to revolutionize sales growth at the 9th annual American Association for Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) Leadership Summit at the Sheraton Grand in Chicago, IL. The Summit features 70 sales experts plus breakout sessions for hands-on learning. […]

What’s Your Next Big Sales Opportunity?

It Depends on Who You Ask When sales executives scan the horizon for the next big opportunity, their end-goal is the same: drive revenue. But when you think about the biggest opportunities to get there, the path forward splits. Values Determine Opportunities A recent Infinity survey found that sales executives’ opinions about important opportunities depend […]