Buyerlytics® Snapshot

Buyerlytics® Snapshot is a high-level analysis of your current inside sales programs against proven benchmarks found in the worlds’ top brands.

What to Expect

In one phone call consultation with Infinity’s sales specialist, we will analyze your sales programs across four key components of inside sales such as:

  • Strategy & Design
  • Talent Strategy
  • Data, Technology, and Compliance
  • And Sales Execution

We will benchmark your results in a customized Sales Diagnostic Report that will help you identify areas to improve your inside sales results.

Sales Diagnostic Report


Infinity is a true Acquisition Sales partner who expands our market share every day.  Their revolutionary pricing model is a pay for performance model.  We share evenly in the “risk/reward” of sales performance.

Our 12 year relationship has been exemplified by collaboration, flexibility and execution that drives our bottom line results.

DaveSenior VP Sales