Infinity CEO talks “Radical Sales Transformation” at Inside Sales Accelerate17

Tom Leidigh Shared Strategies to Revolutionize Sales for Growth and Success

On February 14, Infinity CEO Tom Leidigh told 200 attendees at Inside Sales Accelerate17: “Radical sales transformation is not just sales execution. It starts with a revenue system.”

Leidigh discussed Infinity’s evolution as a sales agency with a proprietary revenue system that reaches a New 100% sales quota.

“It was exciting to share Infinity’s expertise and share the stage with such high-caliber colleagues to discuss how Infinity revolutionizes inside sales,” says Leidigh.

Leidigh presented in the roundtable discussion “Radical Sales Transformation: Rebooting a Sales Function for Growth and Success.”  The roundtable included business leaders from Infor and iHeartMedia.


Pictured left to right: Katie Azuma of Infor (panelist), Tom Leidigh of Infinity (panelist), Jon Pedersen of iHeartMedia (panelist), David Boyce of (moderator), Dean Robinson of (Chief Customer Officer)

Infinity Recognized as Finalist in Sales Outsourcing Provider of the Year

Infinity Sales Manager and Telesales Team Also Finalists for Stevie Awards for Sales

Infinity, the inside sales agency that rebranded and launched revenue share pricing in 2016, has been named a finalist for three Stevie Awards for Sales categories—including Sales Outsourcing Provider of the Year, Sales Manager of the Year, and Telesales Team of the Year.

The recognition comes after a year-long transformation, when Infinity Contact emerged as the rebranded Infinity, a sales agency focused on engaging business-to-business relationships.

“The rebranding was more than a new logo,” says Infinity President and CEO Thomas R.  Leidigh. “We’ve launched Buyerlytics®, a new revenue system that raises the bar on what sales teams can achieve.”

The success following the 2016 implementation and launch of Buyerlytics® is what caught the judges’ attention in the competition. Buyerlytics® integrates the components of superior sales, systematizing revenue, and making higher sales targets possible—a New 100% sales target.

Over 2016, Infinity implemented Buyerlytics® for all existing clients, which included a transition to revenue share pricing. As a result of the Buyerlytics® revenue system, Infinity sales teams broke one client’s global sales records and delivered 420% return on investment for another client. All clients have experienced 300% ROI and 100%+ revenue increases.

At the same time, revenue share pricing opened the door for improved compensation for account executives. New pay-for-performance compensation plans combined with enhanced training and analytics decreased time to first sale by 80% and increased the average compensation of account executives by 50%.

“Implementing Buyerlytics® has been a win-win-win for our clients, our company, and our account executives,” says Leidigh. “It truly was a company-wide effort, and being recognized by the Stevie Awards at the company, manager, and team levels is testament to that.”

More than 2,300 nominations from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were evaluated for Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service, an increase of 10% over 2016. Finalists were determined by the average scores of 77 professionals worldwide, acting as preliminary judges.

More than 130 members of seven specialized judging committees will determine the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Stevie Award placements from among the Finalists during final judging. Achieving finalist status ensures Infinity will receive Gold, Silver, or Bronze placement.

Final results will be announced at the 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service on February 24.


Established in 1996, Infinity provides target market consulting and sales execution to clients who seek to improve inside sales programs. Infinity’s Buyerlytics® revenue system helps clients consistently exceed revenue goals—defining a New 100% sales target.

More about Infinity at

Buyerlytics Snapshot


Infinity Leads the Corridor in Work-Life Balance

3 Reasons Why Our Sales Pros Rate Us Above Other Employers in Work-Life Balance

When it comes to work-life balance, Infinity sales pros rate us 4.2 out of 5 stars—above the average rating of 3.3 and above most employers in our area!

The term work-life balance can have multiple meanings, but in general it means having a satisfying personal life and professional life. Regardless of the exact definition, experts say that work-life balance means balancing time, and they advise workers to manage their time effectively to get what they want out of their day.

In fact, when we asked our employees why they rate us so highly in work-life balance, they said it’s because Infinity makes that time management easier. Here’s how.

Work-Life Balance Value #1 — Predictability

When experts give advice on achieving work-life balance, they start by recommending that workers better organize their time.

Our employees point out that organizing time is easy at Infinity because our work hours are predictable. Infinity sells products to businesses and that means working typical business hours.

“Our hours are 8 to 4:30, which is when kids are in school, so it’s perfect hours. And we have weekends off. No split shifts or different days off every week. The schedule is always the same.”

Work-Life Balance Value #2 — Flexibility

Flexibility is key to job satisfaction, according to a recent survey. 84% of parents said that flexibility is important in the workplace, and Infinity’s parents are no different.

In fact, Infinity’s flexibility is another reason why our employees rate us so highly in work-life balance.

“I’m a single mom and sometimes that means I need to go to appointments or school activities for my son. My management team works with me to make it possible for me to not only make the appointments that I need to be at—but also make great money while I am at work.”

Work-Life Balance Value #3 — Compensation

That last comment is the third reason why Infinity employees rate us highly in work-life balance: compensation.

Not only do Infinity employees get predictability and flexibility for balancing their personal and professional lives, but our pay structure makes enjoying personal life affordable.

Earlier in 2016, Infinity converted all of our clients to a revenue share pricing model. For our employees achieving sales goal, this meant a more than 50% pay increase from a year ago.

Our Goal: A Great Place to Work

Infinity has been tremendously encouraged by this feedback, because it means our plans are working!

In July 2015, Infinity CEO Thomas Leidigh announced his commitment to a company rebranding. It included improving the professional culture and making Infinity a great place to work.

The recent rating of Infinity’s work-life balance is just one sign that the company is meeting this goal.

Want to join us in enjoying work-life balance?

Infinity is hiring in Cedar Rapids and Farmington Hills:

Now Hiring in Cedar Rapids, Infinity Hosts Open House


Infinity will host an open house at its headquarters on 4700 Tama Street Drive SE in Cedar Rapids on August 25, 2016 from 4:30pm to 7:00pm.

Members of the public are welcome to enjoy food, games, and giveaways, and tour the newly renovated facility, which boasts a break area with fresh food options, recreational space complete with table tennis and pool tables, and open collaboration areas.

Infinity staff will be available on-site during the open house to address questions about employment opportunities, which include positions in sales and finance.

The open house follows Infinity’s recent announcement to hire 50 new sales professionals this summer. Those with previous sales experience in car dealerships, repair, or services are particularly encouraged to attend.

More information about open positions and employee reviews of Infinity can be found online at

Infinity provides go-to-market strategy and sales execution to help admired brands get customers and keep customers in the business-to-business marketplace.  

We Always Knew Our Employees Were Talented

Infinity’s HR is Now the Talent Team

Infinity’s sales team is more than account executives—they are our sales talent. To better support our AEs, our HR department has transformed into the Talent Team.

“We know that our success at Infinity is driven by talented individuals,” says Jason Glass, VP of Talent Strategy. “It’s only through the collective talent of our sales team that we will reach our goals.”

Renaming the team is part of our four-year 10X plan to grow and improve our company in everything we do and become 10-times better than ever before.

Since launching 10X in 2015, Infinity has already taken additional steps to support our sales talent, improving our company culture and designing our positions and processes to attract right-fit people.

With our Talent Team in place, Infinity takes one more step toward growing our sales talent and company and reaching our 10X goal.

Did You Hear? We’re Hiring Sales Talent in Cedar Rapids!

Learn more about our open sales positions at

The Newly Rebranded Infinity is Hiring!

Infinity Hiring 50 Sales Professionals This Summer

After a year-long transformation, Infinity Contact has emerged as the rebranded Infinity, a sales agency focused on engaging business-to-business relationships for Fortune 500 Clients. Now the company is expanding—looking to hire 50 new employees at the Cedar Rapids location in the next two months and an additional 50+ sales professionals in the next year. All this in Infinity’s 20th year of business.

“The rebranding was more than a new logo,” says Infinity President & CEO Tom Leidigh. “We are revolutionizing the art and science of sales. This is how we differentiate from the commoditized contact center industry.”Infinity_Logo_RGB

To spur this differentiation, Infinity further expanded their proprietary revenue system, Buyerlytics™. The Buyerlytics™ system is a company-wide platform for guiding talent management, analyzing data, and optimizing sales execution. This approach maximizes performance and increases client value and differentiates Infinity from other inside sales organizations.

Infinity adopted a 10X philosophy, a metaphor for exponential innovation and growth.

“The enemy is status quo,” says Leidigh. “All Infinity employees are challenged with creativity, efficiency, and improved return on investment for clients.”

Rolling Out Revenue Sharing

A first step was aligning partnerships with clients. Historically, Infinity Contact had operated as a typical contact center, billing clients and compensating employees on hours worked. Only a small percentage of billings was based on sales performance.

As the newly rebranded Infinity, the company operates with a revenue share structure and now focuses on exceeding the clients’ revenue goal—and gets paid on every dollar sold. This allows Infinity to increase compensation and offer unlimited commission potential to sales people, what Infinity terms accounts executives, and sales managers. Everyone is aligned on the single purpose of driving revenue.

“Our account executives started developing a business owner mentality. They see their effort reflected in their paychecks.”

“Our clients prefer revenue share, because we share the risk and reward of our performance. We only succeed if they do,” says Leidigh. “Our account executives started developing a business owner mentality. They see their effort reflected in their paychecks.”

Supported by a Cultural Shift

“In this new model, it’s about life-changing experiences for our entire company,” says Jason Glass, Infinity VP of Human Resources. “Rewards have increased, and everyone is excited about the opportunities to drive their own success.”

In the transition to revenue sharing, Infinity laid a new foundation to support sales. Sales teams evolved, the recruiting process focuses on attracting highly skilled sales professionals, and internal processes have changed to support the new model. Training and development is now tailored for client-specific programs. Infinity also began giving account executives data they can use pinpoint individual opportunities for improvement.

This level of support and business ownership contributes to overall job satisfaction.

“We want Infinity to be known as a great place to work,” says Glass. “We work hard, and have fun too.”

Infinity redesigned its Cedar Rapids facility in 2015 to include a break area with fresh food options, recreational space complete with table tennis and pool tables, and more open collaboration areas for teams to meet and drive performance.

“We love to show off our work environment. It’s a rewarding place to come to work each day,” says Glass.

Leading to Growth

As of this spring, all of Infinity’s major clients have transitioned to the revenue sharing model, and already, Infinity is seeing opportunities for growth.

After training, an account executive meeting sales goals should see annual compensation around $50,000, including base pay and commission.

Infinity expects to double its sales force this year and has immediate openings for sales professionals. Candidates with automotive experience in car dealerships, repair, or services are particularly encouraged to apply (more at After training, an account executive meeting sales goals should see annual compensation around $50,000, including base pay and commission.

“When we started this process, we said our goal was to improve by 10X of what we were before,” says Leidigh. “Last year, we laid the foundation, and today, we’re kicking off that growth.”

Infinity Wishes Rick “Rhino” Jensen a Happy Retirement!

Rick “Rhino” Jensen retired on June 7th 2016 after 12 years with Infinity. During that time, he moved with Infinity between two locations, seen two Infinity brands, and helped build a client base for a then-little-known product called AutoCheck.

Before he hit retirement, we asked Rhino to tell us about his time working with Infinity, and his plans for retirement.

What program did you start on at Infinity? What programs have you been on?

I originally worked part-time while I was selling cards and worked on the Bible Software Campaigns and Bank Loan Appointments at the KMRY building. When I started full time on June 7th 2004, I was calling customers of dealerships and trying to set up service appointments. Then I worked on selling an Infinity CRM Program. We were waiting for an approval from Experian to add to the AutoCheck Pilot. I then started on AutoCheck in late June/early July. Basically I’ve been on AutoCheck for the entire time I’ve been employed at Infinity.

20160607 Rhinos retirement-2825What is your best memory at Infinity?

The people and the friends I made over the years, including clients and others in the auto industry. I liked helping others become more successful in sales. I also loved the challenge of helping AutoCheck from obscurity to today.

How will you keep busy?

I am writing a book. I will start to fish again. Play Euchre. I will not be sitting still.

What are you most looking forward to about retirement?

My 100th Birthday!

Rhino, thank you for your time with Infinity, and happy retirement!

Win-Win-Win in Insides Sales

Redefining Success in Outsourced Inside Sales with Revenue Sharing

This April, Infinity successfully transitioned all of our clients to a revenue sharing model. It’s made a big difference in the results for our clients, our account executives, and our company. Now we design all of our pilot programs with an eye toward scaling for revenue share.

At Accelerate 2016, I’ll present a case study of how we increased revenue for one client by 133% quarter one year-over-year.


While that’s an amazing success story, we’re finding that the revenue sharing model is redefining success for all of our clients.

What’s So Different About Revenue Sharing in Inside Sales

Typically, when you outsource inside sales, you have to pay an hourly rate per sales person, and that rate remains stable regardless of whether they are a high or low performer. Before we transitioned to revenue sharing, we found that this structure didn’t really ensure the best results for clients. When sales were low, our clients’ costs were the same. When sales skyrocketed, our people didn’t have incentive to keep performing or stay in their position.

With revenue sharing, there is total alignment of goals between our clients, our sales team, and our company—it’s really a win-win-win scenario.

Win #1: Life-Changing Opportunity for Our Sales Team

Once we implemented revenue sharing, we redefined our performance culture. Now our account executives have a business owner mentality and see their personal success tied to their results at work. This kind of position can be a life-changing experience for our account executives in the short-term with increased commission structure, but over the long-term with our career pathing strategies.

Win #2: Redefining 100% for Our Clients

At Accelerate 2016, I’ll talk about one example of our client’s success with revenue sharing.

We’re literally redefining 100% of goal for our clients.

Win #3: Investing in Our Continued Improvement

Infinity is committed to the continued success of our clients, our sales teams, and our company. We have made investments in our quality and training functions in our sales development team, expanded performance and campaign analytics, and have revamped our talent acquisition strategies to pull in high-skilled account executives. By reinvesting in our company, we can continue innovating and redefining 100% for our clients.


If you want to hear more, I’ll be at #Accelerate16 and SiriusDecisions #SDSummit.



Sherry Leverette Earns the Employee Excellence Award | Infinity

Infinity Employee Excellence Award – Farmington Hills

Sherry Leverette – Sales Development Team

Infinity is proud to recognize Sherry Leverette for earning the Employee Excellence Award for our Farmington Hills location.

Infinity recognizes one employee every month from our two main locations. Infinity gives this award to key employees who have gone above and beyond what is asked of them and continually strive to demonstrate our Company Values of Energy, Excellence, and Execution. We cannot express enough how grateful we are to have so many great employees in our Infinity Family. Thank you Sherry Leverette for all that you have done for our growing company over the past 3 years!

Question: What is your history with Infinity?

Sherry Leverette: My career with Infinity began in February 2013. 

My first position, an Outbound Program Express Sales Associate and Places for Business.  Pretty standard cold calling out to businesses to assist them with their free business listing on a leading search engine and to pitch paid advertising solutions on on a leading search engine.

I was then on a pilot program called G-Desk. Our team was the leading search engine’s Advertising incoming call center and our team answered calls, questions, and then directed callers to the best team to assist them with a solution.  While on G-Desk, I was a mentor for new hires coming to our team, was promoted to a Team Lead position, and then to an Assistant Manager.

After G-Desk, I moved to the Quality Department, which is now part of the Sales Development Team.  I do Quality Assessments for our Account Executive’s calls and provide feedback and training, primarily for our Inbound Sales Team.

I am privileged to be part of a new initiative whose goal is to integrate all employees from the different departments into oneness, the Infinity family.  This new 10X committee has representatives from all of our departments and we congregate bi-weekly to not only recognize individuals that go above and beyond their normal job responsibilities to help Infinity grow, but to come up with activities to help promote the unification of all employees in our Farmington Hills location, while also providing opportunities for our employees to help with outreach programs in our community.

Question: How has Infinity progressed over the previous 3 years?

Sherry Leverette: When I first joined Infinity in Ann Arbor, MI, it was a very small, tight-knit group of individuals that were very welcoming and made me feel like I was part of the Infinity family.  Over the past 3 years, I have seen Infinity grow significantly in all ways.  Not only growth in the number of employees, but also in the drive and ambition, from management down through to the Account Executives, to take Infinity to the next level and be successful in all ways.

One of the best parts of Infinity’s progress over the past 3 years, is that it’s still very personal ~~ you’re not just a number.  The open-communication policy between Account Executives and upper-management is still in place, which allows everyone to have a voice to communicate all the way up to our President & CEO, Tom Leidigh, who is a very motivated and personable leader.

Question: What are some of your favorite upgrades to Infinity?

Sherry Leverette: I think that adoption of the 10x mentality is great!  Encouraging individuals and teams to think outside of the box, to go above and beyond, to challenge ourselves to be the best in the industry at what we are doing!   

Question: What are some of the reasons you have been so successful at Infinity?

Sherry Leverette: I’ve been fortunate to work amongst a very talented group of colleagues who have allowed me to grow and voice my opinions without penalty. They have always made me feel that my ideas were valid and allowed me to expand on them for the success of the departments I work with.  

Throughout my career at Infinity, I have dedicated a lot of time to ensure that processes are correct and up-to-date and that everyone is on the same page, thus providing them the opportunity to continue improving their performance. 

My main focus, recently, has been assisting our Inbound sales team. The managers have been very open and receptive to ideas I’ve shared with them; some of which have been implemented throughout our sales teams. I enjoy doing more than my job description and any time that anyone has asked if I can help with a project or research, I have always volunteered and have been happy to help in any way that I can, provided it doesn’t interfere with my job responsibilities. 

I have always made myself available whenever possible.  When I agree to take on an additional task, beyond the scope of my duties, my managers know that I will always do the best I can.  

I believe I have earned my colleagues and managers trust to follow through and finish a task assigned to me and they have confidence that I will do a great job for them. I also feel that my attention to detail and organizational skills have been an integral part of my progress, as well. 

I am always up for learning new things and I make it a priority to understand processes and protocol before offering an opinion. And… I’m not afraid to ask questions!

Question: Would you have any tips or suggestions for a new hire at Infinity?

Sherry Leverette: From the first day you come through the door for training, know that everyone is here to help you learn and grow professionally and personally while working as a part of our Infinity family.  Be open to the idea that you are valued, not only as an employee, but as a human being.  As I often say; when you succeed, we succeed.

Question: Is there anything else you would  like to add?

Sherry Leverette: I can honestly say that I enjoy coming to work every day.  I love my job and the fact that I feel valued and appreciated for all of my efforts to help improve our team’s performance make it easy to continue on my career path with Infinity.  And … the people I work with are a great bonus!!

Interest in a Career with Infinity

Top 10 Reasons to Work at Infinity

There has never been a better time than right NOW to join our team at Infinity.  We are looking for experienced sales professionals and people with a passion for sales to join our team and represent nationally recognized brands!

Why Work at Infinity

Here are the “Top 10 Reasons” why Infinity is “A Great Place to Work”

Upgraded Facility – Infinity has recently made some changes to our Sales Agency by upgrading our aesthetics. We have new furniture, collaborations areas as well an energy stage and relaxing breakroom.

Fresh Market Café – Tired of vending machine options……we offer our employees a wide array of fresh food options to satisfy anyone’s cravings.

Onsite Fitness Facility – Health is important to us at Infinity and that’s why we have invested in an onsite fitness facility that’s convenient to our team.

Unlimited Commission Potential – Our Account Executives have the ability to control the amount of their paychecks through unlimited commission potential plans that are extremely lucrative.

Fun & Engaging Environment – Fast paced and energetic is what our culture is all about!

Community Involvement – Infinity takes pride in participating in local events and giving back to the community through a variety of charities.

Daily Energy Meetings – We start our day off with a burst of energy with motivating presentations from different members of our management team.

Game Room – On breaks and lunches our team enjoys playing a game of ping pong, billiards or even an arcade game.

Health Benefits & Competitive 401(k) – Infinity offers excellent health benefits that can be tailored to meet your needs and our 401(K) offers a competitive company match.

Leadership – Our Sales Managers are professional and energetic sales professionals who are invested in your development. They provide you with the right tools to succeed, including individual coaching and guidance to ensure you are on the right track with your career path.

If these “Top 10 Reasons to Work at Infinity” appeal to you then visit to learn more about us and our career opportunities!

Interest in a Career with Infinity