Infinity Wishes Rick “Rhino” Jensen a Happy Retirement!

Rick “Rhino” Jensen retired on June 7th 2016 after 12 years with Infinity. During that time, he moved with Infinity between two locations, seen two Infinity brands, and helped build a client base for a then-little-known product called AutoCheck.

Before he hit retirement, we asked Rhino to tell us about his time working with Infinity, and his plans for retirement.

What program did you start on at Infinity? What programs have you been on?

I originally worked part-time while I was selling cards and worked on the Bible Software Campaigns and Bank Loan Appointments at the KMRY building. When I started full time on June 7th 2004, I was calling customers of dealerships and trying to set up service appointments. Then I worked on selling an Infinity CRM Program. We were waiting for an approval from Experian to add to the AutoCheck Pilot. I then started on AutoCheck in late June/early July. Basically I’ve been on AutoCheck for the entire time I’ve been employed at Infinity.

20160607 Rhinos retirement-2825What is your best memory at Infinity?

The people and the friends I made over the years, including clients and others in the auto industry. I liked helping others become more successful in sales. I also loved the challenge of helping AutoCheck from obscurity to today.

How will you keep busy?

I am writing a book. I will start to fish again. Play Euchre. I will not be sitting still.

What are you most looking forward to about retirement?

My 100th Birthday!

Rhino, thank you for your time with Infinity, and happy retirement!