How to Build an Effective Marketing Plan for Your Clients

How to Build an Effective Marketing Plan for Your Clients

We have all been in a situation where you are having a conversation with someone and you realize that the person you are talking to is no longer listening. Based on their facial expression or their body language, you can tell that what they are going to say next has completely taken over their thoughts. In these situations, the person is more concerned with being interesting than they are in being interested.

When companies are in the board-room and are making critical decisions, they want their partners to be interested. Interested in the business. Interested in attaining the goal. Interested in success. During these times, being interesting is not an asset.

Building an Effective Marketing Plan for Your Clients

In my experience, being interested and understanding the business are the key components to any effective marketing plan. Successfully increasing a business’ customer base means knowing:

Top 5 Questions:

  1. WHO: Which businesses make up the addressable market? Who needs this product? Are there specific industries to target? Will the product support multiple industries?
  2. WHAT: What is the total market potential? How many potential customers are there? Is there enough of a base to support the marketing effort?
  3. WHERE: Is there a specific demographic area to take into consideration? Are there areas to target first? Are there areas to avoid?
  4. WHEN: When does it make the most sense to begin marketing the product? Who are the competitors? What are the differentiators?
  5. HOW: What is the go-to market strategy? How will the offer be positioned?

The answers to these questions will help a company build a solid marketing plan.  And while not all businesses know the answers to these questions, it can be expected that your sales partner will help you get those answers. That is why Infinity utilizes Buyerlytics and the science of sales to help our customers identify the opportunity, and put a plan into place.

Once the foundation is created for your customer’s target market, it is important to align your company goals with your client’s goals. Being interested in your client’s short term and long term SMART goals are extremely important for the lasting success of the marketing plan.  These goals will play a major role in the first few months of your client’s marketing plan as you constantly reassess your results to determine if you are reaching your assigned target markets defined in the above 5 steps.

Marketing Plan Results for Clients

Just as it’s important to fully understand the marketing plan and the target market, you have to be interested in the results. You have to know if the results are meeting the boardroom goals we developed earlier with the client.

You have to be continually asking the right questions:

  • Are you winning the right opportunities?
  • Are you on pace to meet your financial goals?
  • Are we reaching the assigned target market and secondary target market?
  • Has a possible Tertiary target market been developed from the current results? If so, is this a viable target market for client revenue?
  • Have we determined any hidden demographics that could increase profits and ROI?

Continually analyzing your marketing results, validating the model, and allowing time to adjust your plan are more critical than creating the initial plan.

At Infinity, we are interested in our customer’s market. We are interested in our marketing plan outcome. We know all boardrooms want more sales and, because of that, we are interested in the art and science of sales.

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