With New Go-To-Market-Strategy


A leading B2B and B2C software company became increasingly frustrated by volatility in revenue production and low customer lifetime value with their traditional outsource sales BPO.

Find Out How

Infinity balanced out revenue volatility in a highly-seasonal sales cycle by using our Buyerlytics revenue system to improve sales execution and implement a segmented customer interaction process. With Buyerlytics®, Infinity achieves a New 100% revenue target by integrating the cross-functional components that are critical for inside sales and service success.


Increase in Revenue Year-over-Year

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Why Our Cross-Functional Approach Works

Buyerlytics® works by integrating Strategy, Systems, and Execution into every campaign and using cross-functional teams to manage campaigns using real-time data and analytics. Infinity’s campaigns address all of the areas below.




Our Proven Process

Infinity has built our company through developing pilot programs that prove ROI for inside sales and service. We apply our scalable, integrated Buyerlytics® methodology to build pilot programs that win. Our pilot programs start with strategy, build out a dedicated cross-functional team, and convert to revenue share pricing as we scale together.


“Today’s QBR was the best I have ever participated in, whether in my current or previous roles. I’m excited about the opportunities that lay ahead of us and the focus that the team has demonstrated…”

Channel ManagerGlobal Information Solutions Company

We call Infinity our Innovation Center for being our go-to vendor for designing and proving campaigns. They set the Gold-Standard in high-value sales.”

VP Sales LeaderWorld-Wide Digital Marketing Brand

We value the collaborative approach Infinity has taken with us in achieving our revenue targets year after year.”

VP of SalesGlobal Information Company

“Infinity is much more than a vendor, they have grown to become one of our most strategic and trusted partners. Month after month, we rely on their market insight, relentless execution and consistent delivery to our bottom line.”

Vice President of SalesIndustry Leader in Information Solutions

“Infinity has proven year after year to be an invaluable partner for us in driving our sales revenue ever higher with their true sales professionals that are real product experts, and with management expertise at the top to help us drive the results.”

Account ManagerGlobal Leader in Auditory and Imaging Software

Infinity is a valued business for many reasons, one of which is their ability to exceed our sales goals. Infinity Account Executives have made concentrated efforts to learn everything about our business and that of our automotive clients.”

Director, MarketingIndustry Leader in Information Technology

“Our work with Infinity has translated into very high levels of market share that Infinity has been able to sustain over time.”

Director, Sales Global Information Company

“The Buyerlytics® Insights process gave my team the clarity and confidence to achieve our stretch revenue goals in 2017.  Infinity’s Buyerlytics® process uncovered opportunities and gaps we needed to address to take our business to the next level—our new 100%.  I would recommend Infinity’s Insights process to any leadership team that is serious about seizing the opportunity in front of them.”

PresidentGlobal Online Retailer