Infinity Helps Vistage Colorado Executive Summit Take Sales Teams to a New 100%


Meeting sales quotas is difficult – taking a sales team to a New 100% is an even greater challenge. At the Vistage Executive Summit in Denver, Colorado, almost 70 Vistage members attended Infinity’s CEO Tom Leidigh’s lunchtime workshop to get tips on how to do it.

“You have an opportunity to transform your sales team into a revenue system,” Leidigh told the audience. 

Today, companies need an integrated system that addresses all of the key components that lead to superior sales growth. By integrating strategy, talent, analytics, sales, and marketing together can a company build a revenue system.

Leidigh compared the multi-functional integration to a self-driving car. These new vehicles require many different types of systems to work: GPS, sensing, computing, and mechanical components.

“If you don’t have an integrated system for sales, you might as well be working with a world atlas,” he said.

To help clients achieve a New 100% sales target, Infinity developed the Buyerlytics® revenue system. Buyerlytics® helps clients quickly integrate the components that drive revenue, including strategy & design, data & analytics, human talent, sales execution, and marketing integration.

Since formally launching the Buyerlytics® methodology in 2016, Infinity’s clients have seen tremendous results. One Infinity sales team broke a client’s global sales record; another team delivered 420% return on investment for another client. All clients have seen a 300% ROI and 100%+ revenue increases.


Infinity is an award-winning sales agency and consulting firm that helps b2b companies maximize sales and drive revenue. Infinity implements our proprietary Buyerlytics® revenue system to go beyond current sales targets and achieve a New 100% sales goal.

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