Infinity Leads the Corridor in Work-Life Balance

3 Reasons Why Our Sales Pros Rate Us Above Other Employers in Work-Life Balance

When it comes to work-life balance, Infinity sales pros rate us 4.2 out of 5 stars—above the average rating of 3.3 and above most employers in our area!

The term work-life balance can have multiple meanings, but in general it means having a satisfying personal life and professional life. Regardless of the exact definition, experts say that work-life balance means balancing time, and they advise workers to manage their time effectively to get what they want out of their day.

In fact, when we asked our employees why they rate us so highly in work-life balance, they said it’s because Infinity makes that time management easier. Here’s how.

Work-Life Balance Value #1 — Predictability

When experts give advice on achieving work-life balance, they start by recommending that workers better organize their time.

Our employees point out that organizing time is easy at Infinity because our work hours are predictable. Infinity sells products to businesses and that means working typical business hours.

“Our hours are 8 to 4:30, which is when kids are in school, so it’s perfect hours. And we have weekends off. No split shifts or different days off every week. The schedule is always the same.”

Work-Life Balance Value #2 — Flexibility

Flexibility is key to job satisfaction, according to a recent survey. 84% of parents said that flexibility is important in the workplace, and Infinity’s parents are no different.

In fact, Infinity’s flexibility is another reason why our employees rate us so highly in work-life balance.

“I’m a single mom and sometimes that means I need to go to appointments or school activities for my son. My management team works with me to make it possible for me to not only make the appointments that I need to be at—but also make great money while I am at work.”

Work-Life Balance Value #3 — Compensation

That last comment is the third reason why Infinity employees rate us highly in work-life balance: compensation.

Not only do Infinity employees get predictability and flexibility for balancing their personal and professional lives, but our pay structure makes enjoying personal life affordable.

Earlier in 2016, Infinity converted all of our clients to a revenue share pricing model. For our employees achieving sales goal, this meant a more than 50% pay increase from a year ago.

Our Goal: A Great Place to Work

Infinity has been tremendously encouraged by this feedback, because it means our plans are working!

In July 2015, Infinity CEO Thomas Leidigh announced his commitment to a company rebranding. It included improving the professional culture and making Infinity a great place to work.

The recent rating of Infinity’s work-life balance is just one sign that the company is meeting this goal.

Want to join us in enjoying work-life balance?

Infinity is hiring in Cedar Rapids and Farmington Hills:

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