Infinity Workforce Excellence Award

Infinity Wins the Workforce Excellence Award

Ever since Infinity was established back in May of 1996, we have always put forth the extra effort to be one of the best places to work in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. A part of this effort was to establish training programs to help our employees become future leaders in the community.

These various programs have resulted in Infinity being recognized by the Corridor Business Journal as a Great Place to Work in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Additionally, granting Infinity the award for the Best Internal Career Planning Pathway Category.

Below we will share additional information why Infinity was selected for the Best Internal Career Planning Pathway Award and what steps you can take to view current job openings with Infinity.

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What Makes Infinity Different?

1. Future Leaders

A layer of our internal career pathing is what we call the “Future Leaders” program.  Our management team identified 12 people within our organization that have the potential to be promoted into management.

We designed a series of seven classes for them to become prepared to be a manager.  The classes are “Basics of Leadership”, “Education and Coaching”, “Motivation”, “Discipline”, “Performance Management”, “Hiring and Interviewing”, and “Industry Compliance”.

We are proud to announce that of these 12 people, 8 of them have received promotions to management positions in our organization and the other 4 are still in consideration for future positions.

2. Leadership Training 

Lastly, we have invested thousands into Leadership training for all of our Sales Managers, department heads, and other departmental personnel that could develop into department heads in the future.

There was a series of 8 classes facilitated through Kirkwood Training and Outreach Services and trained in conjunction with Crescendo Leadership Development and the Peerman Group.

We are learning about the Real Colors profile system and it has already had an incredibly positive impact on the communication and cohesiveness of our leadership personnel.

3. Promotions

To date in 2015, we have successfully promoted over 50 people up at least one level in our organization.

We do this because we have weekly meetings where we share the successes and challenges of each employee and create plans for them to receive training so that they can be successful at the next level.  We must be highly collaborative and have a high level of trust, because in many cases a manager is being asked to part with a top performer and promote them up a level so that the employee can have opportunities to make more money, have more responsibility, and improve their career path.

We provide cross-training and other development to ensure that employees have the best chance at success.  Even current employees will go through the training class as if they were new to the organization, and we are happy to make that investment because we would rather promote a current employee and give them the opportunity to succeed!

Want to Know More About Infinity Employment?

Infinity offers a variety of employee opportunities in both our Cedar Rapids, Iowa location and our Farmington Hills, Michigan location. To view our job postings, follow the link below to be directed to the job openings for your desired location.

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