Kyle D. Jaycox Earns the Employee of the Week

Kyle Jaycox Earns the Employee of the Week | Infinity

Infinity is proud to recognize Kyle D. Jaycox on his continued hard work and dedication! Kyle has been pulling in some incredible numbers on his current program and is proudly showing off commission on just one of his accounts. Great job Kyle!

From this point on, Infinity would like to recognize each Employee of the Week and ask them a few questions about their experience with Infinity and what has led to their overall success. Below we have the questions and answers from Kyle’s interview.

Question: What is your history with Infinity?

Kyle Jaycox: I started working at Infinity when I was 19 and my first position was on a nighttime program doing surveys. It was a huge change for me when I went from surveys to B2B sales. At that point I only had retail sales experience and customer service experience, so this was a whole new experience for me.


Question: How long have you worked on your current program?

Kyle Jaycox: I have worked on my current program for the past 3 ½ years. Overall, I have worked with Infinity for roughly 6 years now.


Question: How has Infinity progressed over the previous six years?

Kyle Jaycox: Right now, Infinity is hands down the best it has been compared to any point in the last six years. I would say towards the end of last year up to the present, this has been the best Infinity. I have seen a lot of changes and all of the current changes across the company, like all of the facility upgrades, have really made this a great place to work.


Question: What has the new Infinity Compensation Structure meant for you?

Kyle Jaycox: It literally has been life changing! I have been able to do way more financially, it just feels way more rewarding!


Question: What are some of your favorite upgrades to Infinity?

Kyle Jaycox: It has been a little bit of everything, compensation, new furniture, better overall atmosphere… It just feels more relaxed and comfortable here. For me, I do better when I am comfortable and it’s such a great feeling when you come in and the daily grind isn’t so bad because you can see what all your hard work has done for you.


Question: What are some of the reasons you have been so successful at Infinity?

Kyle Jaycox: Well, starting off on this particular program I wasn’t actually the most successful and if we ranked sellers on a scale from A to F, I was probably between a solid B or C.

When I first started, there was one person on the program that was consistently number one each month.  We started a competition each and every month and I began accepting all of the mentoring that I could.  I worked with the Associate Sales Managers and they gave me a lot of the tools that I would need to be successful. From there, I really just started implementing all of the training that Ryan McDonald delivered in my training class and I was just fortunate to have a lot of great mentors to get me on track to become that A-level seller.

It’s hard sometimes because when you are in that downtime between calls, you have to keep your spirits up. For me, I constantly envisioned the success I wanted and repeatedly visualized all of the goals I was striving to accomplish. Having these goals and a vision for myself really has helped carry me along.


Question: Would you have any tips or suggestions for a new hire at Infinity?

Kyle Jaycox: My first advice would be to not stress yourself out. I did this myself, but new hires get intimidated by all of the veteran sellers that are doing more and the new hires feel like they need to be doing that the very first day. I was just like this and it can help, but it can also hurt. So I would definitely tell them, don’t stress. There are things you can learn that will work and there are things that just won’t work that you can learn and build from.

Another thing I would suggest would be to stay 100% confident in yourself. Don’t be afraid to use phrases like, “I know”. Even if you are a little unsure, just sound confident and it will be hard for people to directly contradict that. Just staying confident really does make a huge difference in the sales process.

One thing that I am doing now, that I wasn’t doing before, is really looking into the product and putting yourself into the client’s shoes and how they would use the product you are selling. This way you can really paint that picture for the person when you are on the phone with them. Most of the time you won’t be able to give them a visual demonstration, so explaining the product from a user experience makes a huge difference.


Question: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Kyle Jaycox: I would like to thank my Sales Manager Kelli Werth and Associate Sales Manager Brent Frazier! It has been a huge blessing that they have been as supportive as they have been. Especially Brent, who I actually mentored when he was a new hire, and now I’m learning things from him too… he is just a great motivator!

Kelli is the perfect person to work for and she just has all the best intentions to make sure I am as successful as I can be at Infinity.  For that, I am extremely grateful. I am also just grateful to be a part of all of this for six years. It’s great to be with a company that is continually getting better!

Infinity has been wonderful and I look forward to many more years working here!

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