The Growth of the Sales Industry

Recent studies have confirmed the rapid growth of the sales industry. As a recent grad, considering a sales job could help you gain experience and start building successful career path.

Finding AdWords Experience

Today, many companies expect digital marketing job candidates to have AdWords experience. For recent marketing grads, learning AdWords will help impress future employers and stand out from the competition.

Soft Skills that College Graduates Can Learn in a Sales Job

While many employers say recent grads have a good amount of knowledge and hard skills, Millennials lack soft skills. Launching your career with a sales job after college, can help you develop those skills.

April Smith Changes Course from Retail to Inside Sales

April loved direct interaction with customer, but working retail became physically demanding. She felt ready to explore new opportunities with Infinity.

Eric Pringle Achieves New Goals Everyday at Infinity

Sales Environment at Infinity Makes Former Military Start Working at Infinity

Lisa Mason Makes Transition from Field Sales to Inside Sales

Team culture at Infinity makes the transition from field sales to inside sales easy.

Building a Career in Business: How Ben Levin Applies His Marketing Knowledge to Sales

Ben Levin hopes to start his own marketing business someday. He graduated from Grand Valley State University with a degree in marketing last spring. But, he realized sales is an important aspect of business that he still needed to learn.

Coming Out of the Cold: Ken Harrell’s Journey to Top-Performer in Inside Sales

Ken had been in sales for 15 years, but after a couple of winters selling door-to-door in Michigan, he was ready to switch to inside sales. He says he has no regrets.