Infinity Announces Jay Davey as President

On June 16, Jay Davey was promoted to President of Infinity, Inc. The promotion follows more than four years of tenure at Infinity, serving as Vice President of Sales and then Chief Revenue Officer.

“Jay’s contributions to Infinity have been tremendous and included: client growth, management development, client revenue achievement, strategic planning and culture,” said Tom Leidigh, CEO and Founder of Infinity. “The promotion is well deserved.”

As President, Davey will ensure alignment and integration between all revenue and support related functions within Infinity.

“Since rebranding in 2016, Infinity has made great strides in bringing the Buyerlytics® brand to the market and executing on this revenue system for clients. I look forward to further expanding our success as our company continues to grow,” said Davey, President of Infinity.

Davey previously had 18 years of sales and management experience working with Fortune 500 companies. Jay Davey earned a BS from Michigan State University in Journalism.

About Infinity

Infinity is an award-winning inside sales agency and consulting firm with 20+ years of experience helping B2B companies maximize sales and drive revenue. Infinity implements our proprietary Buyerlytics® revenue system to go beyond current sales targets and achieve a New 100% sales goal.


Infinity Shares Inside Sales Benchmarks at Inc. 5000 Conference

Infinity, a business-to-business sales agency, will share industry and customized inside sales benchmarks at the Inc. 5000 Conference in San Antonio, Texas, October 18 through 20, 2016.

The benchmarks focus on four areas Infinity identified that drive success in inside sales: strategy & design; talent strategy; data & technology; and sales execution.

“In our 20 years in business, Infinity has found that integrating these four components is essential to inside sales success, and they serve as the foundation of our revenue system, Buyerlytics®,” says Tom Leidigh, Infinity CEO. “By sharing benchmarks with Inc. 5000 attendees, Infinity will be giving insight into the key behind our own success.”

Inside Sales Benchmarks

Industry benchmarks that drive inside sales success extend beyond key performance indicators. By examining performance around benchmarks in each, companies can identify gaps, prioritize areas for improvement, and achieve fast growth.

Infinity has identified more than a dozen benchmarks that are important to inside sales success, including standard costs for sales rep acquisition, databases, compliance, and customer acquisition.

Inside Sales ROI

While these benchmarks point to specific areas that a company can prioritize for improvement, the Return on Investment (ROI) calculation is an important programmatic measure of inside sales success.

The standard industry benchmark for successful sales programs is at least 300% ROI, but Infinity leaders argue that ROI should be tailored to an individual company.

The Infinity ROI provides a custom return on investment benchmark for a company’s inside sales. This ROI takes into account the specific opportunities and challenges for a company’s sales program and calculates the return on investment by working with an outsource inside sales agency, like Infinity.

This custom benchmark provides another point of comparison for companies interested in assessing their inside sales programs.

Request A Meeting with Infinity’s Business Development Team at Inc. 5000

Members of Infinity’s team, Charles Bedard (Director) and Brandon Mateika (Business Development Manager), will attend Inc. 5000 and are scheduling meetings with sales leaders interested in discussing sales benchmarks.

Sales leaders interested in discussing inside sales benchmarks and receiving a customized Infinity ROI benchmark are encouraged to request a meeting in advance:

About Infinity

Infinity provides go-to-market strategy and sales execution to clients who outsource inside sales or seek to improve internal inside sales programs. Infinity’s Buyerlytics® revenue system integrates best-in-class components to help admired brands get customers and keep customers in the business-to-business small-and mid-sized business marketplace.