Fastest Growing Sales Jobs that New Grads Should Know About

As you look for that first job out of college, you’re probably seeing a lot of job titles like Account Executive, Business Development, and other sales-related positions.

Sales is worth considering. Early in your career, sales experience can give new grads the skills they need to get ahead. And if you stick with it, you’ll find yourself in one of the fastest-growing career paths in the U.S.

Sales Jobs Are Increasing

Sales jobs are on the rise. According to an article published by Emsi—a labor market analytics firm— the number sales positions has increased 12.7% in the last five years.

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) estimates that over the next ten years there will be an additional 778,000 new job opportunities in sales.

Trends in the “Big 3” Types of Sales Jobs
Sales positions are typically distinguished by how you reach customers, whether by selling face-to-face, over the phone, or through digital channels online. Here’s are the three big types of sales positions you will find advertised, and how they’re different:

Field Sales

Field Sales or outside salespeople travel to their customers to sell products in-person. This type of sales requires strong verbal communication skills and comfort presenting and negotiating face-to-face. Although advancements in phone and digital technology has made field jobs less common, companies and organizations still use this sales method to sell products that you have to see or feel before you buy. Field sales is also common in industries where building long-term, on-going relationships is important.

Inside Sales

Instead of frequently traveling to meet customer, inside sales uses the advantages of technology to reach customers and sell products and services. Inside sale personnel rely on phone and internet to connect with prospects. Inside sales representatives also build trust and relationships with clients. Yet, without the need to travel between customers, they can reach more people relatively easily. Due to rapid advances in technology, inside sales lowers costs to the business and is the fastest-growing sales job category, expanding 30% faster than field sales.

Digital Sales

Digital Sales is an emerging area of sales that recognizes that face-to-face and phone-based sales aren’t always enough to close a deal. Customers today look to interact through a wider range of methods: email, video, text, web, and social networks. While there are not many positions that advertise as Digital Sales positions today, the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals started advocating that companies consider of Digital Sales as a distinct type of role because it requires more technology-savvy and written communication skills than other sales roles.

Building a Career in Sales After College

With increasing jobs in sales and the ability to take the skills you learn in sales into literally any other career path, a sale job may be the right place to start your career.