Infinity Leaders Take Main Stage at Inside Sales Summit

CEO Thomas Leidigh, President Jay Davey Featured at AA-ISP’s Leadership Summit on April 3

Infinity CEO Thomas Leidigh and President Jay Davey will present at the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals Leadership Summit in Chicago, IL, from April 3-5.

In his presentation (“A Point in Time—A Perseverance Philosophy that Just Works”), Leidigh will explore a proven perseverance philosophy and apply it to the key demands leaders face in the inside sales industry. Whether its growth, performance, change management, new strategy, profitability, or onboarding new hires, inside sales leaders can use this philosophy to power through the day-to-day grind and achieve results.

The presentation comes at an important time. The inside sales industry is growing rapidly—300% more than field sales—and there are more tools and technology available than ever before. Leaders have to overcome numerous challenges and balance multiple priorities to achieve results.

“On a daily basis, we are expected to turn around a fledgling campaign, resource teams for hyper-growth, implement new technology, or manage scarce lead source data campaigns—plus: PERFORM!” says Leidigh.

“When times become frustrating and it seems impossible, savvy inside sales professionals don’t get overwhelmed or give up; they simply remember they are at ‘A Point in Time’ in their journey,” he says.

Also presenting at the event, Infinity President Davey will speak on best practices for inside sales leaders.

Those attending the event who would like to request an appointment with Infinity’s presenters are invited to email [email protected]


Thomas Leidigh

As Chief Executive Officer, Founder, and Owner, Tom guides the vision, mission, and strategic thinking of Infinity. He has over 25+ years of executive experience in sales, direct marketing, and program development. Tom is recognized as a leader in inside sales execution and methodologies and is primarily focused on industry leadership, expansion strategies, channel relationships, and new company capabilities. Tom was named one of the TOP 25 Influencers in the inside sales industry by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals in 2017, along with Innovator of the year for 2017. Tom earned an MBA with top honors from Arizona State University, and a BBA from the University of Iowa.

Jay Davey

As President, Jay is responsible for providing strategic leadership and clear direction to ensure company alignment and growth. As the company continues to innovate in the sales industry, Jay works closely with the CEO to provide the long-term vision and direction of Infinity. Jay assures that all business units are aligned to provide the best results for Infinity’s clients, with an eye on continued growth and innovation. Jay has over 20 years in sales and management experience working with Fortune 500 companies. Prior to Infinity, Jay held various leadership roles within the automotive and telecommunications industries. Jay earned a BS in Journalism from Michigan State University.


Infinity is an award-winning sales and service agency that partners with companies to Get Customers and Keep Customers. We take a highly-consultative approach to build high-performance programs that go beyond current revenue targets and achieve a New 100% goal. We use our proprietary Buyerlytics® methodology to integrate cross-functional components critical for success: Strategy, Systems, and Execution.