Revenue Strategies and Change Management Discussions Led by  Infinity CEO and President

“The key to getting and keeping customers is to transform your sales program into a revenue system,” said Infinity CEO Tom Leidigh at the AA-ISP Executive Retreat.

It was the third American Association of Inside Sales Professionals event that featured Infinity as a sales and service thought leader and outsourced partner.

“It was great to be a part of this strategic workshop,” said Leidigh. “The industry has been moving more and more to inside sales, and a blended sales model of field, inside, outsourced, and digital is the wave of the future.”

Over the 2-day retreat, participants participated in discussions around strategy, operations, and tactics along a variety of topics, including manger effectiveness, career pathing, and business culture. Infinity President Jay Davey co-chaired a discussion break out about change management.

The retreat hosted 55+ sales executives at the American Association for Inside Sales Professionals retreat on October 25-27 in Carmel, CA.


Infinity is an award-winning sales agency that partners with companies to Get Customers and Keep Customers. We implement our proprietary Buyerlytics® methodology to take programs beyond current targets and achieve a New 100% goal.