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NADA Retention Case Study


A well-known provider of vehicle history reports was suffering from high customer churn due to competitive brand recognition.

The client had lost hundreds of thousands in recurring revenue and was continuing to lose $25,000 of monthly recurring revenue to cancels.

98% of automotive dealers in their addressable market have a vehicle history reportsolution, resulting in a highly competitive and high churn environment.


Launched a retention team to assist customers with onboarding and promoting the initial use of the service.

Pricing strategy was updated and paired with a 30-day free trial + opt-out option, which increased buyer confidence versus the competition.

Cadences and talk tracks were created for Infinity�s retention team, ensuring customer value optimization and free-trial conversion.


Infinity increased the client retention rate from 62% to 92% over 10 months.

Retained annualized revenue was $2,000,000. Averaged an 80% retention rate over a 10+ year period.

Program growth resulted in millions of dollars in incremental revenue over a 10+ year relationship.

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